Who we are and our difference

Every one of the team and network partners has worked in the education and beyond profit sectors and really understands your unique challenges


Solvous partners with an international network of highly successful businesses, agencies and associates, who have all worked in key development areas for the advancement of education, entry into the professions and trade bodies globally.

Created by senior staff from leading national and international associations and professional bodies, we spoke to the Chief Executives, Chancellors, Principal's and business leaders of many professional associations. From there we built a global network of rigorously selected businessess and associates, all of whom have successful experience adding value in the key areas of acquisition, expansion and commercial development and communications in the beyond profit sector.

This means you will get access to the latest in industry leading services and thinking from highly experienced senior level executives and professionals bespoked to you with delivery from partners who understand your needs and can generate real business, revenues and financial & non-financial value within a regulated environment.

What we believe sets us apart is that everyone has real and successful experience working in and driving growth in membership, revenues, engagement and value for beyond profit, mission led organisations.

We deeply understand the values and culture of bodies who focus on a much wider set of targets and objectives than pure profit margin and shareholder value.

We all advocate the values of the sector and of integrity, honesty, equity, service and accountability.

We work with passion, pride, professionalism and personality and want to do work that matters and play our part supporting the growth of organisations who empower today's and tomorrow’s learners and professionals.

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