Share your views – take the Neighbourhoods & Communities survey 

The Resident Voice Index™ project is one of the largest resident engagement exercises to take place in the UK. It is looking to build a comprehensive picture of how social housing residents feel about their neighbourhoods, homes and housing providers.

The Neighbourhoods & Communities survey is the first of a series of chances to get involved. Questions will ask you about what makes a good neighbourhood, how that sense of community could be improved and whose responsibility it is to make change happen.

Your entries will be anonymised and will not be traceable back to you. All of the results will be published for free. For residents, these results could be used to see what people in an area you’re looking to move into think about where they live. For landlords, the results could be used as evidence for a service that could be improved.

It takes 5 minutes to complete. Have your say here: [link to survey page]